Kitchen Remodel Indianapolis

Kitchen Remodel Indianapolis

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Although anyone can walk into any kitchen and bath design center or furniture store to pick cabinets, vanities or entertainment centers that work well for them, sometimes it is impossible to find exactly what you are looking for. Some spaces require a tight fit and others have a large area to fill. Other times homeowners have a discerning taste and just cannot find exactly what they are looking for. This is where our custom design services come in and our kitchen remodel Indianapolis.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is such an important part of any home and its most visual aspect is the cabinetry installed. Most of the surface area of a kitchen is covered in cabinets and it is important to have cabinets that match the style of the rest of the home along with the appliances in the kitchen as well. We often hear from homeowners who have seen a particular picture in a magazine or have a specific idea in their mind about what they may want in their kitchen. The problem is that many times, those cabinet lines are not carried in the homeowner’s area or do not come in the size or color specifications that they may need. The only solution then is custom kitchen remodel Indianapolis.

Custom Bathroom Vanities

Just as custom cabinets work to achieve the specific look that a homeowner wants in a kitchen, a custom bathroom vanity will complete the look of your bathroom to give you the perfect complement to any bathroom space. The bathroom can sometimes be a difficult area to complete. Some homeowners have problems with tight spaces while others have areas that are too large to fit the average stock vanity. Custom vanities can be made to your exact specifications, always accounting for space and feel. We can work with any design that you would like to replicate or even work with you to create a custom look just for you.

Custom Entertainment Centers

With the inclusion of flat screen televisions in most homes these days, it is difficult to find an entertainment center that will work with the look that you would like to achieve. Many homeowners do not want to drill into their walls to hang their televisions or go through the hassle of finding ways to hide wires and cable boxes. Many furniture stores have limited inventory on entertainment centers which makes finding the perfect one for your home virtually impossible. We can build you an entertainment center that is either free-standing or built-in. We can make it fit a specific television size or make sure that there are enough spaces for your sound system, DVR, Blu-Ray player, video game consoles or other devices that you might want to include. The choice is yours.

Custom Bookshelves

Custom bookshelves add a certain feel to any room that just cannot be replicated with store-bought shelving units. Custom bookshelves will take into account the needs of the individual homeowner, for example, allowing for extra storage space at the bottom of the unit, or accounting for different design elements such as fireplaces or televisions. Whatever look you desire, a custom bookshelf will bring value to any home and are well-sought after by potential homeowners looking to one day purchase your home.